no icon my system tray

When I first got comodo firewall the icon was on my system tray every time I booted up, but now its not there I
can get it on my system tray if I click on comodo in all programs, but how do I get comodo firewall to show up on my system tray when I boot up?


Does cfp.exe run in memory (use task manager to find out)?

yes it in task manager,


This is a known problem with CFP 3. Try reading this topic and see if any of the solutions mentioned works for you.


Hi Ragwing thanks for that, I got this from a thread by snapshooper and it worked for me, thanks for your help.

Opened Task Manager and killed the cfp.exe process.

  • Run Comodo Firewall using the short-cut on Desktop or Start menu. The systray icon appeared.

If the process cfp.exe is still running, click on the short-cuts of CF on Desktop or Start menu does nothing.

BTW, I had to do it once. Next time I restarted my computer, the icon appeared as expected