no firewall popups minecraft server

for some reason, i can’t get the firewall to tell me when someone tries to connect, i can either block all connection attemps with no possibility to let my friends in, or i can allow everything no matter who it is.
i managed to get alerts when i startet the server that it wants to connect ot the internet, then i got one alert when i tried to connect over the interner (not local ip), but my friend could not connect and i didnt get an alert.
i have to either disable the firewall or probably create a general rule to let every connection through this port.
it startet after i changed the setting “do not show popup alerts”, because it was set to “allow requests”, which defeats the point of a firewall, and blocking all would not help either.
how do i get comodo fw to give me an alert whenever something tries to connect to my pc, and then lets me choose to either allow or block it, like it did some years ago?

ok, now i got one friend to connect, but no alert and they get kicked shortly after…what the hell is this?

watch the attach screenshot !

First you need to make a global allow rule to allow incoming connections on the port the server listens on, then you can set the firewall to custom ruleset mode and change alert frequency level to high or very high. Or instead of using custom ruleset mode, you can create an ask application rule to ask for all incoming connections for the server executable. The firewall no longer asks for incoming connection requests for trusted applications when the firewall is set to safe mode.

do not do “Global Rules” !
it will bomb pop up your pc !
on Global Rules you can strengthen and do hardening firewall sec !

just do the “Rulesets” … watch the above attach !

Yes you need to use global rules otherwise the application won’t see the connection request. It is even documented in the help page Global Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall, Network Connection - COMODO

Use “Rulesets” for Allowed Apps and be sure to insert at the TOP of the filtering !
As the both Ask must be ABOVE the Allow all the incoming connections !

Adding FW rules works perfectly when keeping the traffic flow in mind as illustrated in the picture.

thanks! i have to get used to the new behavior of the software, i stuck with the old version for much so long, only upgraded recently after upgrading to win10.
the only thing that still irritates me is that the connection request comes from the same ip/port, no matter who tries to connect (and its not the ip from the players that is shown in the minecraft server log)
any idea why that is?