No-English Operating System is it a problem?


Is it a problem for GeekBuddy to do something more advance in our no-english operating system?


No problem at all, go ahead and ask them exactly what you need done on your PC, regardless of the operating system’s language.

Thank you for your support.

Well. That’s not true. No exact.

I have a operating system in Polish language. I asked operator:

I - Could you remotly connect to my PC and disable autorun for all removable media?
GB - Sure

We connected and he run msconfig but it probably wasn’t felpful for him so he tried to run gpedit.msc but he couldn’t because I have Windows 7 Home Premium which hasn’t got gpedit.msc . He downloaded some MicrosoftFixit50471 and installed it. After that application requested to restart PC. He did it. This application probably had to disable autorun … but it didn’t.

And he tried again to run gpedit.msc … Nothing…

Meanwhile he run sysdm.cpl and msinfo32

He stopped connection.

Silence for a moment here … :facepalm:

I waited … and I said:

“We have probably some problems , right?”

“Could you be more specific?” - he replied.

“I think we have some problems, because I still have enable autorun for removable media.”

Silence for a moment here … :facepalm:

“Hold a moment, I’m researching” - he replied.

Silence … again :facepalm:

We connected.

He opened Control and next he changed view to small icons , but probably he couldn’t find autorun for removable media (I don’t know name of this in English version) through small icons, so he changed view again to big icons … and know he found it.

And again … silence (probably he checked how icon is connected with no action) and he changed all media to no action.

GB: We will restart your PC.
I: Should I do this, or you will restart my PC
GB: I will do this
I: Ok…

And he opened Start Menu and clicked something … unfortunately I was only log out…

I loged in.

I: Do this again, I was only log out.


GB: It seems like you have no English operating system, restart yourself.


I restarted my PC.

GB:Anything else I need to assist you?
I: No, thanks … but I have one question for you. How it looks from your side … my screen is in English or in my language?
GB:no not in english except Geekbuddy chat window
I:Yeah, because I write in English … so probably it would be more easily if I had English language on my operating system?
GB:not exact but…

Silence for a moment, again …

GB:Anything else I need to assist you?
I: No, thanks. Have a great day.

It took one hour to disable autorun for removable media.

It looks like a joke, isn’t it?

I think that probably Geek didn’t know exactly what he does, he just recognized option through icons.

Are anyone going to reply me?

Geeks don’t know how to modify registry when I want to disable autorun for removable devices and I have Windows 7 Home Premium (which is without gpedit). I want to know … why?

I wrote something important here and nobody from Comodo replied me.