No "Empty/Reset Sandbox" button.

From Facebook and I can confirm.

Francesco Cantalini: It seems to work well, malware blocked and unknokn files sandboxed. But, when i perform a full scan, ccav finds the infected sandboxed files in it's own directory. I've searched for the reset sandbox button but there isn't a way to do it. I've ended the tasks in the sandbox but the malware is still here. I know that these files are isolated, but this can be panicking for a non average user. Btw, there is some kind of issue with chrome. Sometimes, when a malware is detected after a chrome download, the browser crashes. I've used a VM for that test

It needs the reset button.

Actually you can do this in the release. It is not a bug
Please see the screenshot… follow the guide

1- on main interface go to sandboxed apps
2- Check action sliding menu
3- Select “End Task” option and Apply :-TU

If you want to end all tasks in sandbox, please check the option right below… make it end tasks and apply. Done :-TU

That said “End Task”, not “Delete/Empty/Reset/”, not the same thing. Should I assume that ending a task is the same as “Delete/Empty/Reset/”? An average Joe will get confused. :-\

This actions are under “sandboxed applications” windows. So end task means that “end the sandboxed process” as shown in the screenshot. Actually, this is what I got from my own view.

It doesn’t mean that it is a bug.

This is more of wish than a bug report.

But Comodo said it is a bug and asked for the report… and I did it. (See Pic)

Dear Mod, feel free to move the topic to the wish thread then. I’m just trying to help Comodo and also following the recommendation of the other mod on FB. (See Pic)

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No problem. Since comodo asked you to report it here i will leave it for them to process.


CCAV implements process-based sandboxing, so when you remove a process from being sandboxed the sandbox is cleared (I think!).

They are marketing guys :wink: So, our mods can move this to proper place or leave it like that.
No problem, thanks for your feedbacks :-TU

So end task clears the sandbox or not?

As per Devs any apps running sandboxed if you close the apps sandbox is automatically cleared.
So I think end task should behave the same way…End task is like close the app & sandbox should be automatically cleared.

So end task automatically clearing the sandbox or not? I am little confused here.

I guess that devs should add the same button that cis has, the reset sandbox. This button should clean all tasks, files, processes running on sandbox and you could add too an option to “delet” files marked as untrusted and show it as an button to simplify things for users.

I am called into question, since I’m the one who wrote on fb :smiley: privacy…who cares :smiley:
I think that this button is more than a wish, is a must have since it can reset all the content without ending every single task. In the test I have performed, there are 20-25 active tasks in the sandbox and ending all of them is a waste of time, when a button can do it for you istantly. I use the rest sandbox button in cis quite often and I think is quite used by mid to average users as well.
So…It’s not a bug, is a lack imho

well, I use the reset sandbox button every single day. When I open cis main gui I have the reset sandbox button right in the front gui as an shortcut (the buttons on the botton of cis main gui). I always click there so my sandbox is clean and nothing is running without im knowing about it. And in every pc that I install cis I put the icon on the main gui and turns out that every single user *the simple users im talking here) always go on cis main gui and click on that button, even if they dont understand well what that button do, but they just click and this behavior can help to keep their computers clean and without unknow things runing alongside with the os. Thats just the kind of feature that You COMODO introduced in one product and now it must be on every product from you because its an must have feature. In fact, this freaking button is a mandatory “button” that every security software should have!!!

Please, consider adding it on ccav too. CCAV is the software that has the objective of keeping computers safe without much knowhow from the user. As stated on the ccav site its just sits there and keeps all good for the user. This button will help doing it, by not forcing users (simple users) to have dig into advanced options, opoups, options, etc.