no email notifications about replies in the forum


i notices that i dont get any email notification when I receive reply or PM in the forum here. The appropriate options are set in the forum settings. There are no forum emails in my inbox, no in the spam and no in the trash, so it should be somethng with the sending by the forum.

have you noticed this too? are the webmasters of the forum page informed about this issue? I can not find who is it and how to inform him.

I have this too.
I think I have had it all the time on the Comodo forum.
My options in the forum settings are OK too and my mailaddress is correct
I have to copy every post I want to read in my agenda and then look every few hours.

no, is was not all the time… ok it depends on how long you are member here. But 1,5 years earlier i received, since that time I have not posted questions here.
but this is not normal, needs to be fixed. I dont know whom to inform ?

Hello cska133 & danyb,

Thank you for Reporting.
Could you please confirm did you enable your email notification in your profile(Refer sample img),Please check that or else let me forward this issue to our corresponding team members.

Note : After any changes you made don’t forget to save your settings.

Kind Regards,

I am sending you a screenshot of my settings

Can you please also include a screenshot of the topic list under the heading “Current Topic Notifications”.

This is found directly underneath where you took the first screenshot.

This will show Dharsu which topics you are supposed to be receiving notifications about.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Can you please also include a screenshot of the topic list under the heading "Current Topic Notifications".
Where do I find this?

Just below your email settings in the same screen that you posted . . .

Ok - a mistake I often make. Not scrolling down

Also I receive no mail notifications when someone sends me a private message


here am I too… sorry for the delay but I did not get any notification of your answers. But I am happy to see that someone of the mods is interested to solve the issue :-TU
And yes, I dont get notified about new private messages too.
here my screenshot. As you can see I also have enabled the appropriated options in the setting.
Interessting is that when I login I get a pop that I have new private message, do I what to view it → YES, but i dont get forward to the new message. I have attached a screenshot of thre private messaging settings too.

My emails from comodo forum should be delivered to my private email address, from where ALL the emails are forwarded to my 2. private email address (without being deleted from the 1. email address, so i always have to copies of each email). I searched in both email addresses for emails from comodo and could not find anything, so no comodo emails in the inbox, spambox, trash or elsewhere. This was just to clarify that the issue is not caused by my email adresses.


no, no notification about your private message.
Please write a reply here to check if topic notifications work.

Hello cska133,

Thank you for your patience.
I had updated this issue to the corresponding team members,Once resolved we will notify you.So please wait for that.

Kind Regards,

Could you notify me too?

Hello danyb,

sure :-TU I mentioned both of your names in the list.Will notify you too once resolved.

Kind Regards,

hi, just an idea. Maybe mine and danyb´s email adresses are banned somehow by the system?! For a long time I had such problem in a forum where user`s email adresses had been banned because the system accept them as non-secure or spam email adress, or so. But dont remember if that was not during the registration process in the forum.
as I said, just an idea…

Yup same issue. Started quite a while ago (maybe half a year to a year ago?).

Thanks Dharshu for looking into this one.

hi, just an idea. Maybe mine and danyb´s email adresses are banned somehow by the system?!

I just changed to another mail address let’s see if that solves the issue


No - no notification for your question cska133 so it’s not the mail address