no email application BUT outgoing mail pop up menu appears

I am running comodo antivirus build number

Sometimes I get the “comodo antivirus outgoing mail scan” pop up menu when there is not email application running. Why does this happen? What is being sent and by whom? Could it be some sort of virus that distributes itself via email?

Thank you.

Hi ron547

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I would first of all suggest a full Malware scan. You can access an online scan from any reputable company.

Then I would suggest switching from CAVS 2 to CIS 3.5. This is a Release Candidate of Comodo Internet Security. Very stable and very little problem. If you hesitate with a Beta program, watch and the Full release will be out within a few weeks at the most. It contains Comodo Firewall and AntiVirus. You can install one or the other or both. Your choice.

Available here .