No DNS client filter under Local Area connection properties

Whenever I install internet security suite or firewall of any company as avast avira kaspersky vipre and i see local area connections “properties” in the box comes (the connection uses following items-----
clients for microsoft networks
file and printer sharing for microsoft networks
link layer topology Discover responder
internet protocol(tcp/ip)
dns filter(by avira avast vipre or kaspersky whichever firewall i use)

but when i install cis complete the fifth one that is dns filter function in local area connection properties is missing
please tell me why and how its missing
and what to do to get that

CIS doesn’t use a DNS filter.

However, if during installation you selected to switch to SecureDNS, your browsing of known malware sites is filtered. (However, this is a separate function from CIS)

bump for reason
but all the firewall appears in Local area connection network “properties” but why not comodo ???

please help mods :-\

Those other firewalls are setting up a proxy server to do their web filtering. This is what you are seeing in your connection properties.

As I already mentioned, Comodo does not do this.

You can enable SecureDNS to get malware domain blocking, but there is no web filtering in CIS.