No Connection To Free Hotmail Account

Have Windows Live Mail (isn’t engaged by comodo) and Thunderbird 3 installed with the now latest beta RC. Tried the latest stable release of Comodo Secure Email but would crash Thunderbird after receiving the following errors. The beta RC gives me the exact same errors but does not crash Thunderbird.

When opening Thunderbird, the Comodo box pops up saying - “Receiving mail - connecting to
It then says “secure pop connection to on port 995 redirected from 996 failed. Data receiving error while connecting to ssl server”

Then it says "connection to server timed out"

Tried official release twice and now the RC once with the same reportings except RC did not crash Thunderbird.

Firewall was shutdown and prior to install of Comodo Secure Email, Thunderbird functioned properly and could send and receive email through my free hotmail account.

Looks like in this case it’s having issues with Secure email protocol’s…
I’m not an active user of CSE at the moment so i can’t really test it now, I’ll ask an other mod to jump in…

That would be appreciated :wink:

 I would like to use CSE because of the option of the 1 time certificates. This gives the receipitant options if they do not wish to install. And hopefully lead to all my contacts thinking about email security and deciding to give Comodo Secure Email a try  ;D

im having this problem as well, its really annoying. please get it fixed asap ;p


We found the issue and fixed it.
It will be added to the very next CSE build.

Thanks for your reports.

Regards, Eugene.

 I hope so because i uninstalled and then installed your new version released a few days ago and nothing works for me still. I have 3 email accounts (hotmail, yahoo and aol) and i have tried sending and receiving test emails from all these accounts using windows live mail, thunderbird 3 and zimbra. The only app CSE pops up for is thunderbird and i'm still getting the same errors as before.


The CSE build with this fix is available for download or update from yesterday (26th of January).

Release post:

Thanks for your reports.

Regards, Eugene.