No comodo-windows open when using remote-desktop-connection in WinXP

When using a remote-desktop-connection in WinXP, and comodo on the remote controlled PC has a reason to show a pop-up-window, it does not appear, the traffic requested is simply blocked. You have to sit in front of the PC without remote-controlling it, then the windows appear and can be answered.

Hi jangunhed

Currently CFP does not officially support remote installs, configuration or operation using XPs Remote Desktop or any other remote application for that matter.

There was some discussion concerning this issue & Wish List entries were created. Melih also said that this would be considered in the future. But, I do not know if this has made it into the, as yet, unreleased CFP 3 (beta due in 2-3 weeks).

Using a web-based access (like LogMeIn) allows interaction with the FW, response to popups, changes to rules, etc. But that operates in a considerably different way from RDC.


I have just came accross this issue with RDP and the windows not popping up. Any ideas if this made it into version 3?

I’m having the same problem. Has there been any progress on this?

I’ve not ever tested it w/v3. I will run a test shortly and let you know what I find.


PS: By “shortly” I mean I should have the results today or tomorrow, not minutes from now…