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i use outlook 2007, and am trying to attach the signature, and can not find it, but i went to the link that the e-mail sent me, and it said the certificate was installed and i should have a backup of it. any ideas where it is? i can not find it.

Hello Sniper8752

What Browser Did You Use To Obtain The Certificate? or Did you use the CSE To Obtain It?

If Firefox; Go To Options > Advance > Encryption > “View Certificates” > Your Certificates > Select It (If It’s There) Then Export

If IE; Go to Internet Settings > Content > Certificates > Select The Certificate > Export.

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Yes! but now i can not import this file to Outlook. i guess it does not like the extension? how do i go about doing this?

i went to tools>trust center>e-mail security>Import/Export {button}>import file {browse}, but it does not show up on my desktop, and the certificate is there. its looking for “Security Informaion” only. but if i try all files, it sees it, i select it, say open and enter password and name, and i get an error message saying “An error occured while trying to import security information”. any ideas? ???

Hello Again

It seems that Microsoft Outlook Reads The Certificate Store that IE does;
So That Being Said; I belive you would need to import it from IE, How to do this is From the tools menu > Internet Options > Content > Certificates > and you’ll Select your Certificate. and for a tip you may change the “File Type” drop down menu. to .cer or .crt or .pfx or .p12

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i got another error message. it took it, but it still does not like it. how can i upload this snapshot of the screen?


To Take a screen shot;
For XP: Open Paint (Start > Run > mspaint)
Then minimize the window and Press PrtScrn (Print Screen) Should be on top right of your keyboard then once press’d; Open the Paint Window and Go to Edit > Paste (Or press ctrl + v) then save it.

For Vista: Same Thing. But Go To Start > mspaint (Type it in)


ive done that alrready but the problem is getting the image up here on the web… there is no upload image option… o just found it! lol

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Simple answer:

Right click your downloaded certificate. Select “Install” and hey presto!

P.S. Which things are ticked/unticked in your Outlook >>> Options >>> Security Tab???

It says that it has imported it.

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Click the "Settings " button (as on the your picture), and select the your accounts certificate (S/Mime settings ), hope this will help you.

and this is what i get…

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Hm… interesting.

Are you sure that your certificate is installed into the system ?

What version of CSE do you use ?

Please, open CSE configuration - > Certificates tab → Personal : Do you see your certificate there ?
It’s better if you send one more screenshot .

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i ahave done it several times… how do i access cse configuration?

Start → All programs → Comodo → Secure Email → Configure SecureEmail.

hmm… i have vista. not sure where this is. i am in programs and features, and see comodo internet security, but there is no option that you mentioned…


OK, as I understood, you don’t have CSE installed.

Let’s solve your problem by another way:

Please, read THIS LINK

It should help you with your problem, if you really have an e-mail certificate for your account.

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are they free? i am using the free comodo one, and i can not get past the one screen when u click on settings, where it wants me to get a digital id, which i am sure i have. i have the certificate on my desktop.

I didn’t mean the certificates :slight_smile:

That link explains you how to configure the Outlook 2007 for using your e-mail certificate .

so i followed the step “Importing a downloaded digital certificate”. i got stuck here: {image attached}

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