No antivirus or uninstaller after installing

I installed CIS 3.1.0 on Win XP and all seemed OK and the full system scan was underway.
Then the machine shutdown during this, and when I restart I do not see an Antivirus tab in the main CIS window (Summary, Firewall, Defense+ and Miscellaneous are present) and there is no entry in the Windows Add or Remove programs control panel so I can’t uninstall and try again. Also, there are no entries in the Start menu or any obvious uninstaller in the program directory.

Any sugestions for how to fix these problems?


The AV will not be activated if the initial virus scanner crashes.
You do not have the shortcuts and add/remove entry because the installer never got to that point. The installer was supposed to create these after the scan.

You can browse to the install folder in command prompt and run cfpconfg.exe -u to start the configuration utility and enable the anti-virus, but this will not create the shortcuts.

The only way to create the add/remove value, start menu shortcuts and start-up key for the GUI is to use the config utility to uninstall, and then do a fresh install.