No activity in 'Traffic' window

I just installed Comodo on Vista Ultimate 32bit, and everything looks good except I do not have any traffic displayed in the ‘Traffic’ window on the right-hand side.

Also under ‘View Active Connections’ there seems to be no traffic at all, only 0 bytes.

What’s up here, can anyone please help? :slight_smile:


I believe the traffic section in the main interface is updated every few seconds (not sure of the exact time) so it will most likely display what the traffic activity is the moment it is updated.

So if your browser finishes loading a page it may not be displayed when the window is updated because the browser is no longer causing any traffic.

This is all a theory so if I am incorrect anyone please feel free to correct me.


Another spot to find the traffic info (and a better spot IMHO) is in FIREWALL - COMMON TASKS - VIEW ACTIVE CONNECTIONS. This will display all current connection in real time. As the apps shift data around, the traffic is displayed in the Active Connections window.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No guys, none of the places displayed any data at all. 0 Bytes, forever.

Also the front panel always showed 0 Inbound Connections and 0 Outbound Connections forever, although the firewall blocked connections.

So no Traffic, no Active Connections and no Inbound/Outbound connections.

I have almost the same problem.
I unnistall it and install the new version.
In the summary page below network defense I have “The firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attemp(s) so far.”
It’s the same for the proactive defense.

The firewall was working fine until I updated to the latest version, 3.015.227.
And this is even worse, I’m getting warnings from my Avast Anti-virus about lsass exploit and dcom exploit.

This did not happen in the version I was using,

I think that the firewall it’s not working properly.
Am I right or wrong?

Edit: Using XP not Vista.

[at] pestana and nightstorm,

Can you both please do a right click on the CFP system tray icon and note the “Firewall Security Level” and the “Defense+ Security Level” and post the results back here.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m at work, but I am pretty sure my FW was at Training Level and D+ at Clean PC level. Which was the default level when I installed, I guess.

EDIT: I have some other questions here: though I do not know if they are somehow connected.

[at] nightstorm,

Pls. check for a PM.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Firewall Security level - Train with safe mode

Defence + Security level - Clean Pc mode

Same problem here.

Network Defense: Safe Mode, 0 inbound and 0 outbound connections
Traffic windows empty
Active Connections: all present, but all have 0 bytes in an out

Proactive Defense: Clean PC mode

No System Tray animation

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

I re-installed CFP ( but the problem persists.

Can I still trust COMODO Firewall Pro?!

I remembered that I had installed Microsoft’s Network Monitor v3.2 a few days earlier. So I uninstalled it, and rebooted, and…

CFP again showed the Traffic on the Summary as well as the number of in- and outbound connections. And when I looked at the Active Connections via the Firewall screen, the bytes in and out were given.

So… problem solved! Or is it? What does MS Network Monitor do that blocks CFP from collecting the data on connections and traffic?

I am also facing the same problem . I uninstall ZA and Install Comodo firewall but i cant see anything on ‘view firewall events’ The firewall behaviour setting its ‘safe mode’ . can some one help me here wht to do? i really dont know this firewall is working as expected. (:SAD)

to: Creative
Is your uninstall operation incomplete?
True Vector engine may cause uninstlation problem.
check following forum, and try uninstall again.