no access to network folders


I recently purchased a NAS device to act as backup destination for my Vista PC. I can access the shares just fine from the desktop, but CBU is another story…

When in the destination menu, I click on the \NAS device, and it immediately starts browsing the shares. However, I cannot browse the shares themselves (“unable to get network files/folders”).

Looking thorugh the forum, I found a post saying I should have entered a name for the backup. So I tried 2 methods: via the \NAS\PATH\test.cbu notation, and via creating a mapped drive on Vista from the \NAS\PATH, and then specifying Z:\test.cbu.

In both cases the wizard allowed me to go further, unless I wanted to specify a subpath in the UNC notation, which gave me back aformentioned error. But both methods failed whilst backing up: the first method failed with code 5, the second with code 46.

What am I doing wrong? Also, CBU never offered to enter a username/password for the \NAS.



A new version will be launched soon that will alow backing up to network drives or virtual drives.

cool, already an answer! Thanks!

Any idea on an ETA for this version?


in a few weeks