NIS 2009

Been reading some reviews on NIS 2009 and they are all good. Seems like Norton listen to people. It runs very light. Expensive though. I might try it out. All users over at Wilders are raving about it. I really might dump Comodo and Avira for this. Sorry guys.,2817,2330018,00.asp

About time! :slight_smile: It would be good if they can keep this up…

I am downloading it now. Need to uninstall Avira and Comodo first to give the trail a run. Norton 360 and 2008 failed. 2009 is really impressive and the detection rate is still very good.

So, Symantec managed to pull it off ? 88) Still I think it’s too bloated :a0

Only seems bloated cause its a suite. Check out Wilders for the mem usage.

which product of Comodo ??? The firewall ??? so Norton’s firewall is really that good ???

Overall, I still wouldn’t use it. Issues in the past makes me too leary to remove one that works great with one that might give me additional issues to contend with.
Also, updates and support are only 1 year (2 with additional fees).
Here, Comodo offers full (lifetime) support and does not even cost for either software or the support.
Think about that.

They can scream as much as they want. I installed NIS 2009 on my test lappy and the stupid “Folder Creation Anywhere” problem still exists :-TD Symantec Shared, Norton Installer, Norton Internet Security, gawd damn, can’t they put everything to one folder or at least let me configure where to place them >:( ( 5 or 6 folders created :o) And the size is about 140 MB. Twice as much as Avira, Avast or Kaspersky :-\

And I find it funny, Norton was bashed since 2003 and now everybody loves it ! Lets wait a a month or two …

Let’s look at the current comparisons:

Norton Internet Security 2009 FINAL=
3 Processes.
Toolbar/AV/Firewall Optional? No.
Things can be installed in different combination’s? No.
Higher Mem Usage.

COMODO Internet Security (Moderator Version)=
2 Processes.
Toolbar/AV/Firewall Optional? Yes.
Things can be installed in different combination’s? Yes.
Lower Mem Usage.

Though I do admit… NIS 2009 is a great improvement. :-TU


Your such a “Fan Boy” lol Josh.

For me I’ve only used an old norton, 2005 or 2006. I really wasn’t that impressed with it…

I wonder what their goals are, to make more money? Or to make the internet safer… IMO… I think they just want more money.

I can’t understand what your trying to say. ;D

Read the review. Norton offers free support now. Josh who really needs a toolbar.

That was my point. Nice knowing you V. :frowning:


Josh stop being a fan boy. CAVS to me will never be a trust worthy av. I like my pc way too much to trust any old av. As far as I know there is no tool bar with Norton. CIS has alot to prove to compete with the big boys.

Hahaha ! Vett don’t spit into the water, cos you might have to drink it ;D I noticed, that you are easily manipulated by the reviews of different people. You jump around too much. Settle down. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that NIS 2009 is awfully bad, but it also has to prove itself. And not just for one year. It has to continue this path.

Peace :Beer

Comm I don’t jump around too much. The only firewall I have been using is Comodo and all know that. I always used NOD32 but tried KAV and didn’t like it. I then went back to NOD32 till you showed me those video’s. Now I use AVira and Comodo. I don’t call that switching around too much. I call that being safe and secure. Why does everyone think that CIS is going to save the world.

C’mon lets not be so harsh, Everything has to start somewhere. I personally would rather support a team that has the right mindset, the determination, the goals that comodo has. Seriously… Norton is like the Woolworths and Coles of the AV industry…

Also, It’s not fair to compare CIS to NIS, CIS is just a baby. Let it mature :wink:

errr why nobody answer me? >:( how good Norton’s firewall then? if its name is “suite”, then it must be 1 package with its firewall right? is it really good ???

When NOD32 v4 shows up, you’ll take it ;D I know ! But before you’ll test drive Avast 5 :wink: And then you’ll be back to CIS. (while Avast 5 will be installed on your family computers) ;D

I’ll keep testing NIS 2009 in the meanwhile :smiley:

To Ganda - NIS firewall very unobstrusive. No popups, but it’s nowhere as good as COMODO, Outpost or OA :slight_smile:

Kyle with all the viruses and nasty’s out there do you trust any old security program. Now come on. I love Comodo but do you see the damage that Antivirus Xp 2008 is doing. I download and surf everything so i want the best when it comes to security. The same with my family. Most companies have a Suite. KIS ( but the firewall is weak). Avira ( but the firewall is weak), Eset ( but the firewall is weak), Norton ( havent tested or seen tests on the firewall but I have a hardware firewall so I am not worried. Comodo is making CIS but the strong point will be the firewall and not the av. Comodo will always make a great firewall.