Nice one - Dragon security & I can add Keefox/Keepass password management.

Now I can have Dragon security and Keefox/Keepass password management.

Working well here with:

  • Adblock plus
  • Keepass
  • Lastpass
  • Personas expression
 Why use keepass AND lastpass?  A couple of years ago I read a review of password managers. Lastpass was the only one that could import from all the others. If it's that good wouldn't you want it on your side working for you instead of doing what it can do to other password managers?

If you are suggesting that lastpass can ‘■■■■■’ Keypass to obtain the passwords, it cannot. It can import them if you export them.

If you use Lastpass you will be dependent on their online security, and on the ongoing charging policy of the company. Lastpass has already had to ask large numbers of users (inc me) to change their passwords because of a security breach on one occasion, possibly more.

Whereas Keepass is open source and stores passwords locally. The level of security is up to the policies you set in the software and on your machine.

So I use Keepass for the critical stuff, Lastpass for less important and less secure passwords, where the emphasis is on convenience. I’m guessing quite a lot of others do likewise.

Best wishes


Yep :wink: 8)

I use both, with the same data base, just in case one of them goes wrong.