Next Release of COMODO Internet Security [merged]


:-TU no joke??? 8) :azn:

The date is carefully selected.

They can always say “April Fool”

;D It might be

sadly its true… :stuck_out_tongue: but i have faith… im waiting to see the announcement… with another tab opened with cis forum (f5 f5 f5 f5 f5) :stuck_out_tongue: :3 >:-D

It seems that they’re going to fools us. April style. Too bad. I was really excited for the new release.

Eric is making fun… He is sending all related posts to this topic so the other topic can be clean for the unninvited news that cis 8.2 final will be delayed and we shere trolled by 1 april fools… :stuck_out_tongue:

We may need the release topic for a little while more as the business day at the US East Coast has officially ended and we have not seen a release as of yet…

what day is today?

oh wait!!! its 2 april… :stuck_out_tongue:

ok… lets get serious here. when can we expect cis 8.2 final? July 2015?

we dont have any info on the release date. Just be patient

you comodo do not have any rights to play with someone’s emotion and hope.

from day i will not use any comodo products. Bye

you really take security products seriously.

Well, they always play april fool joke on users, only the month/date is different :wink:

yes of course.

It’s a beta release. Accidents are to be expected. Isn’t that part of beta fun?

I thought you left? :wink:

Buket lied about cis release date. what now mellih?

keep expectations high so users keep posting? is that the rule for comodo now? even if you lie, everything is axceptable now? ok, lets fuck everything up! lets hack this ■■■■ forum and kidnaping your wifes, housbands, sons, etc., and take then to IS. is it ok? i guess not! so dont play with your users…

Buket did not lie. She was just optimistic. :slight_smile:

Remember we’re talking a beta release. Accidents are included and to be expected; beta testing is not for the fainthearted. Where is your inner thrillseeker, yro? :wink:

To lie is not the same as being unable to hit an optimistic deadline.

One would think that users would know by now that any dates Comodo give aren’t necessarily set in stone and most likely will change, but apparently not.

funny that BuketB is fadind away just after announcing the release of new cis on 1st april… today is 3rd april and no one from comodo official staff comes to say something…