Next major release of CIS

What about the next major release of CIS? any news? any new features?

What happened with the local behaviour blocker anounced for v5?

What happened with the totally new interface anounced for v5?

… probably I’m missing something else ;D

What happened with DACS? delayed, until when and why?

No news so far…

CIS isn’t scheduled to release year by year.

Imagine DACS will be in the paid versions only. Howz that??


no way! :o ;D

I see no reason why Comodo would do that. This is highly hypothetical. Melih has never said such thing nor would it fit in the Comodo philosophy as I’ve come to know it.

It’s absolutely impossible - contradicts to the spirit of Comodo.

Come on Melih tell us something ;D we have had always a super new feature to waiting for now there is nothing.

it will probably be a while before we hear of anything regarding what will be in the next major release. comodo is working on getting a lot of new things integrated into cis. such as valkyrie and DACS for cloud lookup to aid CIMA. they will probably integrate site inspector into CIS or comodo DNS for on access site lookups plus they will probably give an option to have site inspector in dragon as well for those that don’t use cis unless they put it in comodo dns. then they will probably just say use our dns if you want our site inspector integration but idk. they may make an addon. they are doing a lot of brainstorming of how to intergrate a lot right now plus still developing it. i just hope once they get all this integrated, they chill for a while and focus on making everything really solid. plus once they get all this done i don’t really see much more they could do to protect users but i’m sure comodo will prove me wrong because they’re always thinking

Don’t forget they are working to get virtualisation in the automatic sandboxing process.

My best guess is that it will be in Q4 like with CIS v5/2011 and it will be called v6/2012… 88)

i think this will probably be in v6 also unless it comes sooner

it will probably also have plugins for valkyrie and DACS
i made that post before valkyrie was introduced so i can really see it becoming a plugin aswell

So, a real sandbox finally? like sandboxie?
The real sandbox, valkyrie, maybe DACS and maybe a local behaviour blocker… sounds good if the “maybe’s” are true.

I miss some “Digital Identity Protection” and “broswer protection”

There is a lot of to improve and add just take a look to the features of the competitors.

Hello. Whether integration COMODO Cleaning Essentials in Comodo Internet Security is expected?

I am sorry for my English((

I think it won’t happen cause it has been said several times that these are two separated products.
One for protection (CIS) and one for cleaning (CCE).


I wish that comodo added all the services to CIS as example Valkyrie

What are the plans for CIS 6

Any dev can tell us what is going on with CIS?
Seems that after release DACS beta the development is dead, maybe the competence bought comodo to kill it >:-D
The wishlist is plenty of ideas to develop.

hello, cis is a great product :-TU can someone please give some kind of feedback as regarding DACS being added to CIS please, is been a long time, thank you :slight_smile:

It was said, that valkyrie takes priority and it will be built-in


CIS will soon be discontinued :cry:
When Comodo came up with DACS, all other vendors attacked Comodo behind the scene and now here is the

Even Melih is no longer posting new stuffs in the CEO corner.