Newly Installed Confused, Bemused, Annoyed

Having just downloaded and installed Comodo Internet Security Free I appaled to find my Desk Top taken over by other Uneccessary ■■■■


There was no option to omit these when installing

Are they necessary? If so sorely tempted to ditch Comodo and go for something MUCH SIMPLER

You need to choose a custom install when installing comodo and those options can be simply unchecked.
I always choose custom install with all software.


No options were given UNINSTALLING - TOTAL ■■■■

Anti-Error and GeekBuddy are part of the free trial programs which come bundled with CIS. You could have avoided installing them by clicking on the option to “Customize Installer” during installation. It’s hidden, and I wish is was more obvious, but those programs can easily be removed by going to Add/Remove.

As for Shared Space and the virtualization shortcut, those are part of CIS. For more information, and my advice about how to configure it, please see the article I have written here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


If I’d known wouldn’t have bothered at all I WILL NOT trust anything that comes BUNDLED - reprehensible and underhand


Hi twobobbles55,
GeekBuddy and Dragon are both separate programs both by Comodo and both optional during install.

Shared space/Virtual Kiosk shortcuts are both related to Comodos Sandbox/Virtualization which is an important feature of Comodo security application.
The desktop shortcuts can easily be deleted if you do not require them, with no adverse effects your security.

If bundles of this nature are an issue, well I am afraid your software is going to be very limited IMO.

Kind regards.

Maybe people need to just sit back and actually READ what is put before them instead of accusing software companies of “forcing” additional software on to their computers.

I see this all over the place where users have blindly click click and clicked and then wonder why stuff is being installed.
On the comodo installation window it clearly states there is a custom install option available and i cannot understand why people are struggling to understand this.
Its the end user who installs the additional stuff and not the particular program.