Newest COMODO FW Pro and PPTP connections

I’ve just loaded the newest COMODO FW Pro ver. and there seems to be a serious conflict with MS XPSP2 PPTP implementation.

If I have the FW installed and running or not I get a really nasty core dump when I kick off a PPTP session. It will make the connection and go all the way through the authentication phase then when it is joining the network on the remote (PPTP server) side the whole systems goes belly up and I get an immediate CORE_SEGMENT failure blue screen and then the system reboots automatically.

If I uninstall COMODO and revert to the previous version all seems well.

Any ideas anyone???

Hi. I’ve similar problem. (:SAD)
Usually I need VPN PPTP connection to have an access to the internet but after installing CFP I could’n connect to provider’s VPN server.
I tried to set rule to permit all tcp/udp traffic from /to our (sub)network adresses to port #1723. (:NRD)
I had a fault - windows’ VPN client writes me errors 619,651, 800. (:AGY)
Then I permited ALL through tray icon. No PPTP.

And after Uninstalling CFP (:WAV) and rebooting I finally could use PPTP. :BNC

What I did wrong? ???
Or how I can set up CFP rules to have VPN connection? (L) :THNK

I am using PPTP to connect to mu ISP without any issues, very stable for me.

Show, please your settings for VPN