Newbie Wondering What to Download

Hi, I am interested in downloading and installing various Comodo security products. Looking at the free software category and using this as my guide, I see there are 15 total products 2 choose from (excludes Comodo Dragon). I’m guessing a good start would be to download and install Comodo Internet Security (hence I would not need to download the separate firewall or anti-virus programs). So 1 download added, 2 I would not need. That leaves 13 additional programs shown I could download. Now, here is my confusion. I am not certain which of these 13 programs are included with the Security suite. BOClean mentions this in its description “BOClean, now a part of Comodo Internet Security”, so am I safe to assume I would not need to download this because it is included with the Suite product? The programs I see in review in the Home & Home Office Solutions are:

  1. Comodo Internet Security, 2) Comodo Anti-virus & 3) Comodo Firewall (once again if I download the suite, I assume I would not need these seperate downloads).

Here is where I am confused. I also see the following products listed in the “Home & Home Office Solutions” section:

  1. Comodo System-Cleaner, 5) EasyVPN with Instant Messaging, 6) Comodo Backup, 7) Comodo Disk Encryption, 8) Comodo SecureEmail, 9) HopSurf, 10) Comodo AntiSpam, 11) BOClean, 12) VerificationEngine, 13) EasyVPN with Instant Messaging, 14) Free Secure Email Certificate, 15) Comodo Time Machine

The last download i see is 16) Comodo Dragon which I have already downloaded and installed.

As for items 4 through 15, which if any of those products are included with the security suite download, and which would I have to download and install separately. This is where i am confused. I am basing my message from this Comodo link describing the various products available Internet Security Software for Business from Comodo | PC Security .

Any help would be appreciated.


BOClean is discontinued. WHen you want to download it you will get the CIS suite. That can be a bit confusing.

The Internet suite has Firewall (with HIPS) and AV (BOClean is integrated in the AV). The other programs you mention are all stand alone applications.

I wouldn’t download Comodo Time Machine as there is a good chance that it will destroy your computer:

In my opinion it should still be BETA.

Hi, thank for both replies. I will wait to download CTM until further information is known about that specific product. I’m planning on downloading the other programs and giving them a try. I appreciate the quick reply to my posting.

ok, just downloaded the following:

  1. Comodo Internet Security, 2) Comodo Anti Malware, 3) Comodo AntiSpam, 4) Comodo Backup, 5) Comodo Dragon (although I have already downloaded and installed this), 6) Comodo SecureEmail, 7) Comodo Verification Engine, 8) Disk Encryption, 9) EasyVPN, 10) System-Cleaner.

I probably will not install until tomorrow my time since I want to read some information on these products before I take the plunge and try these programs.

I downloaded from Internet Security Software for Business from Comodo | PC Security and I noticed something. Under these 2 products 1) Remote PC Access and 2) Secure Messaging (as described on the above link), both gave me links to download EasyVPN. I’m guessing that is OK? Or should there be 2 separate programs for each description? I’m guessing for Remote PC Access and Secure Messaging, the single download handles both items. Any help would be appreciated once Again!

When these pages lead to the download of Easy VPN then these programs have merged in EVPN. I guess Comodo leaves the legacy names on their pages for former users of these legacy programs who may come looking for an updated version.