newbie to computers

(:WAV) hello to everyone
ive only just got my computer and had norton installed on it when i bought it after only a month i managed to get a very nasty virus which gave me some interesting popups and directed me to all weird and wonderfull internet sites i must admit i was panic stricken not knowing a lot about computers anyway got the problem sorted out by professionals reset factory settings etc but ive now installed comodor av and firewall my question is is this enough do i have to do anymore i would like to download music although i think thats where that virus came from in the first place ive tried looking on this site but as a newbie i just cant understand the language most of the answers are not in basic english for me anyway

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

i think it’s enough. you might be getting a lot of pop-ups and alerts from COMODO at first, but that’s normal. plus, there is currently a new version of COMODO internet security in testing. this new version is ALOT more friendly with newbies and novices, it’s almost silent with the same amount of protection. buffer it also has buffer overflow protection. buffer overflows can be much worse than viruses and are becoming more popular when browsing the web.

when downloading music, just be very careful. look for malware signs, like a song that is only 500kb in size (much too small to be a music file, but probably a virus). if COMODO AV does recognize the virus, it will catch it while it’s downloading.

If you need any help, just ask in the forums.