Newbie scan question

I´m using CIS 4…920 and have no problem whatsoever, but my question is:

When doing an on demand scan with Emsisoft (free) of all files I notice in Process Explorer that cmdagent is active. Does this mean that while doing a full scan with Emsisoft I can consider the same scan also done with Comodo?


Each vendor (Comodo and Emsisoft) have different signatures bases which means what Comodo find as malicious maybe can not be found by Emsisoft and the opposite way around.


Thanks for prompt reply.

Thus when Emsisoft reads a file while scanning, any malware not recognized by Emsisoft will (hopefully) be caught by Defense+ ?

What is you configuration? CIS installed with real scanner enabled and Emsisoft on demand? If you have this configuration, thats mean if there are malicious files that have not yet been identified by Comodo, there is a possibility that they are identified by Emsisoft.

It’s good to not have two security programs on computer wich have enabled both the real scanner (one must used as on demand scanner). You can use CIS with real scanner enabled and Emsisoft on demand.

Configuration is CIS default config incl AV + MBAM Pro + Emsisoft on demand.

Have not noticed any problems running both MBAM and CIS in realtime.

But it is possible to consume more computer resources plus there is the possibility of conflict between the two real scanner: any accessed file is scanned simultant by two different programs.