Newbie Questions - Custom Profile, Backup Progress Bar

Hi - I’m looking for a backup program and working with Comodo Backup 3.0 now, latest version. I have a Desktop W7/64 and backup about 60 GB of files and folders to an external usb drive. I have done one backup. Here are a few newbie questions:

1 - Am I correct that I cannot create a custom profile, save it, and call it back later to execute the back up - I must specify the source files, execute the backup - THEN save the profile? Seems awkward - is that the way it is?

2 - When the backup starts, the progress bar almost immediately goes to 100% and indicates 28 seconds remaining, when there is actually about two hours remaining. What gives. Am I looking at the wrong progress bar? Where can I see the actual time remaining?

Thanks for any help.


Yes, you are correct here.

The time remaining depends on progress.
Since progress information is wrong then time remaining is wrong too.

These issues will be fixed in next release.