Newbie Question


I am new to Comodo Backup and was looking for some opinions before implementing this software into my home office.

My partner and I both have Dell Latitude E6540’s running on msata drives with 2tb 2.5 sata secondary drives installed for storage.

I also have a 2tb Seagate Goflex Home Network drive running that we use to backup and share files between those two machines and a desktop there in the home office.

I would like to implement a system that would sync the two secondary drives to the network drive in real time and sync the network drive to the secondary drive upon login.

For example: If I place a new document in the “documents” folder of my 2tb secondary drive, it would immediately upload to the network drive as well, making it available instantly for the desktop user and my partner would be able to see the file once he logs into his machine as well.

This may seem silly, but we have these files shared between three computers and it doubles as a backup as well. (If something happens to one of our laptops or the network drive, we have another copy.)

We are able to access our files out of the home office at any given time because they are stored directly on the laptop.

And we get to view these files from the network drive when using the shared desktop we have in the home office plus the network drives acts as a master backup drive as well.

The part I am concerned about is, I want the backup system to only sync new files, not the entire drive as a whole.

I find that when attempting to move large amounts of data, out network get’s really bogged down and it takes much longer to move files to and from the network drive that way.

So, I am hoping to find something that will only copy new or updated files during the described instances and not the whole drive every time I log in, as there is too much data on these drives to do things that way.

Would this be possible using the free version of Comodo backup?

Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

I am excited to get started.

Thanks in advance!