Newbie question...

Hello, I am still a Comodo Firewall rookie & am still learning how to configure it for my needs…Previously have used the ZAlarm wall. It had a neat feature called ‘game mode’ which stopped all in/out traffic. Is there a comparable feature on the Comodo firewall & if there is what/how is it used? Have tried adjusting the C.tray icon security level to block all, however when game play is finished I have to ‘repair’ my connection (windows reconnects) to go online or reboot after setting security level back to custom of course. Thanks in advance for your replies. g3b

Welcome to the forum, g3b.

I’m not a gamer, but I know there are a lot here.

Within this topic,2511.0.html are a couple links that may provide you with some useful information. The flash tutorial in the first post was done by a CPF user; I believe it can only be viewed using Internet Explorer (in case you use a different default browser).

Alternatively, you can go to the Advanced Search feature found in the top part of the page, click that. Type “game” or “gaming” or even a specific game name in the “Search For” field, click on the “Choose a board to search in, or search all” link, go to the bottom left & uncheck the “check all” box. Then go back up, under Desktop Security Products/Comodo Firewall, and select “Help” and “FAQ”, then hit search.

That should give you some specific results to read through for applicable info.

Hope that helps in your enjoyment of CPF!