newbie question about firewall and sandbox

I have the free firewall, which is great;however, I run firefox in the sandbox and I have discovered that the files i saved to my computer are not there. Whole folders and files are nonexistent when I look on my hard drive, but i know I saved them, and I see them while running FF in the sandbox…how do I find my files?

If an application is saved in the fully virtualized sandbox the only way to recover files from the actual computer is to save them to the Shared Space folder. Anything saved in there will be accessible from both the virtual system and the actual system.

Okay, so if i want to save any files while I surf in the sandbox then i need to save them to the shared space folder? Are the original files in limbo somewhere?
Thank you.

That is correct.

They’re still on the computer, but I’m not entirely sure how to get them. Hopefully someone else can assist you with this.

Thank you. I appreciate the assistance.