Newbie: question& a problem

hi there… first, let me say: WOW… i mean, i am amazed by comodo firewall

i come from years of zonealarm free, just recently i found out that it has some cpu usage problem under some circumstances so i tried comodo and i’m just loving it!

can’t believe this goodness is free! :BNC (imho, far better than any other competitor out there)

but now to the questions:

1)if i setup a rule to allow incoming connections on some ports, am i protected if there isn’t any program listening to that port?
2)i am having a really annoying problem that happens randomly… when i browse a website sometimes it doesn’t load the page, but instead pops up a download window with the name of the url (for example pops me a download window with filename or some other times, it just prints binary data to the browser…
is this known, there are solutions?

bye and keep it up the good work :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the forums, (:WAV)

I’m glad you’ve chosen Comodo (R)

To answer your questions. Firstly, yes if you have created a rule to allow incoming on a port it is stealthed unless an app is listening or recieving on that port. As soon as the app is closed the session is closed and so is the port.

Your random problem with downloads and binary data must be very worrying. Did you have this before Comodo? To me this sounds very much like a browser hijack rather than a problem with CPF, in which case i could suggest the program HijackThis. If you haven’t used that before what you do is run it and post the results in the HijackThis forum and someone will analyse it for you and tell you if there is a problem and what the solution is. However, it would be also a prudent course of action to ascertain if this is being caused by CPF, in which case, we could narrow it down by knowing if you had this problem before.

for the first thing: fantastic! :smiley:

and about the problem with downloads and binary… i really don’t know… i didn’t have it before, and when i shutted down comodo the problem gone away. now i reinstalled it and seems to be working fine.
btw could be an incompatibility with avast! 4.0 which i have installed (but i think im gonna check out comodo antivirus soon :smiley: )

Try turning off the Avast WebShield component. If memory serves me correctly, this issue occurs in the CFP V2.3 release version.

Ewen :slight_smile: