Newbie printer sharing question


I apologize but I am new to Comodo. My computer is part of a small network and I have an HP printer connected to it which I share with other members of the network. I have discvovered that since I installed comodo people cannot access the printer. If I disable the firewall then it it becomes available. Is there (of course there is) a way to make the printer available?

Thanks folks

Welcome to the forums, ipfnd (:WAV)

Of course there’s a way! ;D

In general, you would create a Zone and then use that Zone to define a trusted Network. This would allow unimpeded traffic to/from the printer.

However, in your scenario, this would mean the other folks would have access to your computer.

So, let’s take this approach.

Go to Security/Logs. Right-click and select “Clear all logs.” Then have someone try to access the printer (with firewall fully enabled). It will of course fail. Immediately go back to Activity/Logs. Right-click, select “Export to HTML.” Save the file, and reopen it. Highlight the entries there, and Copy them. Then Paste those into your next post here. You can edit your personal/external IP address if it shows up, for privacy (you need not worry about an internal/network IP).

This way we’ll see specifics as far as port, etc, which should help us create some more tailored, secure rules.


I am having similar problems with an HP printer. If i disable the firewall, everyone can print fine, but with it in place, there is no print.

I tried following your instructions go to Security/Logs and clear all logs. I am not sure if this is referring to an earlier version of the software. I am not seeing a Security tab or link and I am running version Could you be a bit more specific and let me know how to get to the logs?


Greet, Tilla ~

Question 1 is: Have you created a Zone to define the IP address of your network printer?
Question 2 is: Have you used the Zone to create a Global Rule (network) to allow traffic to/from that Zone/IP address?
Question 3 (which maybe should be #1) is: Is your printer shared off your computer, or is it a stand-alone?

In regards to the post above yours, that is geared toward CFP 2.4, rather than v3. In your case the logs are found under Firewall in the General Settings, but we don’t need to go there just yet. At this point, we need to know what networking (Global) rules you have created for access to the printer.