Newbie needs help [Resolved]

I have only just found out about Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware & recently installed on my pc. Now every time I boot up my pc I get the following message. >>>>>>> DLDR-GAMES.D MALWARE Stopped by BOClean
Location of startup : FILE
This trojan horse program was found on you machine. It has been shut down, but the FILE from which it started still remains & can be started up again.
Do you want the file removed also?
Yes No
I chose the the yes option, but the message keeps on appearing each time I boot up my pc.
Can anyone out there help me ?
I am fairly new to all this, so please do not get complicated with any answers.
Thanks :Beer

it was a false-positive… if you run BOC’s updater, it should fix the problem so that the file does not continue to be flagged by BOC… (BOC might have already automatically updated itself)


Thanks for that. I have just updated & re-booted my pc. The message no longer appears


hello all, like chrisg i got the same message and also chose to remove the file. my question is, have i removed something i may regret later. thanks in advance, techdunce :slight_smile:

techdunce, windows will automatically restore the “aec.sys” file, so you don’t need to worry about it… if you want to check, you can look in c/windows/system32/drivers and see if the “aec.sys” file is there…

still, by default, BOC’s cleaning process will delete your HOSTS file and your activex controls, in “downloaded program files”, and strip the websites that you have in IE’s “trusted sites” zone, if you have any, there…

i opt to disable all of BOC’s cleaning options so that i don’t have to restore that stuff after BOC’s cleaning process has run… most people probably just use the default settings, but having them disabled works for me…

thanks again redwolfe, have cheked and file “aec” is present, all the best, techdunce :slight_smile:

I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up then.
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