Newbie Help Req please!

This is really simple im sure. i have been through the faq’s but could not find it.

1.before i installed comoda i belive i may have installed a virus on my pc. now i have the software installed how do i scan my pc so it picks up the virus and removes it? i presume this can be done? if not can it sacn my pc to let me know if is on board.

this is the virus by the way W32.Stration.DH@mm

2, if something simular was to pop up again i presume comodo will pick this up and quaratine the virus?

Sorry to be a lemon, and thanks for your help. (:SHY) (:SHY) (:SHY) (:SHY) (:SHY) (V)

You have posted in the firewall section.
Please post in antivirus, so you can get help with your problem.


I’ve moved the topic to the antivirus section.

To scan your PC open Comodo antivirus, check it is up to date, then choose scan now.
When Comodo antivirus detects a virus it will quarantine it after trying to repair the file. You can adjust these setings under the settings tab in the program.


hi… is it comodo antivirus you have installed or comodo firewall? if you have the antivirus simply run it to check you’r system for threats. make sure it is updated first and if it finds anything remove it. if the scan comes up clean and you still think you have a virus of any kind i recomend you try (major geeks forum). its a great site that provides free help with virus removal tips. i have used it a lot. here is a link to the site. hope this helps you…