Newbie - First impressions and first questions about CFP3...

Hello everybody!.. (:AGL)

I have been a long time user of ZA and this is the first time I am trying Comodo. Just installed it an hour ago…
My first impression and reaction is to say “Well done” to the people that developed it. It looks a very carefully and meticulously put together package and the fact that it is given away for free can only be a big credit to the Comodo team. Thank you very much. Regarding its effectiveness I am prepared to take the word of so many experts whose reviews I read in the recent past. I have a few simple questions that I am sure the ‘veterans’ here can answer very easily and save me a lot of time searching:

  1. If I want to instruct Comodo to block all internet traffic in-out of my PC (ie isolate my PC from the web), what do I do? Do I click on ‘Stop All Activities’? Where does it show that all traffic is blocked?
    ZA displays a closed lock. Is there something similar in Comodo?

  2. With automatic updates ON, what gets updated and how often. It says “Program Updates”. Does it mean new versions/patches of the program itself or updates of the malware signatures? I hope is the second. If not, how does one get a regular update (auto or manual) of the anti-malware signature database?

  3. Where can I see the current program version ( and the current signature database number/serial?

  4. Is there a way to scan my PC for malware using Comodo or does it only check/stop malware on line?

  5. In ‘Manage my Configurations’ it displays 4 boxes: Export, Import, Select, Delete. I could not figure out what exactly each one does (No ‘what does it do’ offer)

  6. If I submit a suspicious file (I have already done one), what am I to expect? Do I get any message/advice through email?

  7. If I want to block a specific website, where do I have to write it? Can I use wildcards ?

I apologize if some of these questions seem to be naive. But for a newbie they can be so important…
Thanks in advance for your feedback and any other advice on how to make the most of this wonderful looking product. Congrats again to the development team. (:CLP)

Thank you and welcome to Comodo family Sunshine803 :slight_smile:

I think you will get a better mileage if you post this in the help section of firewall board.

but anyways, good to have you on board with us!