Newbi! Why doesn't COMODO(free) verify sites like

I have just installed the free version of Comodo Verification Engine and after visiting several sites, I have noticed that it doesn’t always verify - why is that? Like I visited the Better Business Bureau on-line and no verification.

Do I need to purchase the full version in order to have all sites recognized?


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No. You don’t need to purchase anything. Vengine is free.

You just find the thread in this section of the forum & submit the site. It will be checked by the Comodo developers & hopefully included
*** added here is the link

Many sites are not verified yet… sometimes the server fails (you’ll see the pop-up message at the bottom right corner); etc.

Then. as tested here , say …/ (Australian) is recognized by both IE8 & Firefox, but the “/.us” equivalent is not

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