New ZTL install

I have ZTL up and running on an old Compaq DL380. The installation is really slick and the user interface rocks! We’ve been suffering with ISPMan for several years and most of the time, we end up doing stuff like editing zone files by hand, because it is easier. We also switched to TinyDNS years ago because BIND is such a pig.

For anyone else using a DLxxx, save yourself some aggravation and throw away the Compaq Smart Array controller. You can get LSI MegaRAID Elite 1600’s for well under $50, including shipping from Ebay. That’ll save a few minutes tinkering with floppys to configure the drives.

I’ll give this a run at home network before I place it on a public network.

Quick question… Why are you not running a 2.6 kernel?


Glad you like the ZTL interface, as for the kernal Melih or one of the other Comodo employees should be able to answer that.

ZTL-1.0 bases on OS Trustix-2.2 (TSL-2.2), what uses a 2.4 kernel.

Do you know the end-of-life for 2.2? I really like the management interface but would hate to deploy a product close to it’s retirement.