New Win 7 x64 HP Desktop Recovery Problems

I bought an HP Pavilion HPE-270f desktop a couple of weeks ago and although it runs smooth and fast I can’t figure out how to restore the System Image Backup which I created with it I have stored on 2 stand alone disc drives nor will it boot from my newly created Macrium Reflect Rescue CD which has Windows PE 2.1 on it in fact I don’t even get a prompt to use any of the F keys to access the bios, boot into Safe Mode in fact even the F-11 command is completely unresponsive on this machine.

I am used to my HP Vista laptop which offered all of these options every time I booted it up and all I had to do to use a rescue CD was to insert the disc and wait for the prompt to ‘press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ and the image restoration went flawlessly each and every time.

I have spoken with HP Tech support twice now and asked them in dozens of different ways why I can’t boot from a rescue CD, gain access to the BIOS or even boot in Safe Mode on my new computer and they always play dumb and tell me that when I need those options they will be available, but they are not and I was forced to a factory recovery from disc in which I lost weeks of work which was very frustrating when I had 4 full backups that I could not access with this machine.

I would appreciate any advise concerning how to successfully gain the same level of access to full system recovery as I had on my old HP Win Vista laptop because having 4 full backups on remote drives and not being able to access any of them while being forced to do a factory recovery and face all of that crapware over again is almost as frustrating as trying to get an answer out of HP Tech Support about why there is no alternative for system recovery should System Restore fail as it failed on me.


Update- I have discovered that the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard that I have been using does not work when my computer is in the Rescue Environment and I have been using the HP Keyboard that came with the computer to access the System Recovery Options…

Nevertheless I still have not figured out why this new HP Elite Desktop will not respond to Rescue Media…I’ll keep you posted.


As of now I still do not know why my new Win 7 x64 desktop will not recognize a Recovery Disk, but yesterday I added the latest Macrium Reflect PE v2.1.2866 to the computer’s Boot Menu Options and I am now able to boot into either the Windows 7 or Reflect Recovery Environments should circumstances dictate.