New Comparison! recently released the results of their latest round of AV software tests…

Comodo AV ranked 19th out of 55 with a 95.57% detection rate (v3.9.95478.509). This is fantastic!

Comodo is now beating Norton (28th place), McAfee (22nd & 23rd), and it’s ranking right up there with two other good, free AV solutions: Avast (18th) and AVG (15th).

Here’s the comparison link: Virus.GR

Comodo ROCKS!!!

Thanks for that Techwiz.

I still wish someone did AMTSO compliant testing though :frowning:

But yes you will continue to see some amazing improvements in our AV.



Comodo get a better score from no-name anti-virus that’s have certificate.

This meant be Comodo can get that certificate easily :smiley:

They didn’t test A-Squared… How strange ???

“The programs Microsoft Security Essentials and A-Squared Anti-Malware crashed while scanning the samples.”

Makes it hard to test : ;D


Sorry, Didn’t see that :frowning:

I would hardly call it “fantastic”
What it means is Comodo has to do a lot more work by the end of the Year

All programs tested had the latest versions, upgrades and updates and they were tested using their full scanning capabilities e.g. heuristics, full scan etc.

3.10 had been out for just over a month when they started this test, yet they used version 3.9. Kind of makes you wonder what else may be incorrect in their testing.

I have not fully read the AMTSO guidelines, but what are your stance on “system rescue tests”? are they considered “AMTSO” compliant? *the ones where viruses are installed before the software and then the software is used to try to clean up the mess? (its a real life scenario for some, since many people try a new security product once their normal one failed them, and many is unaware that their system is not that clean upon installation). Or must a AMTSO compliant tests focus on bringing in the prevention too you think?

Glad to hear that… Iam sure version 4 will be a cool release… :-TU :-TU

last year from the same site

40. Comodo version - 43.15%
Comodo AV ranked 19th out of 55 with a 95.57%

Melih lives up to his word. :-TU
Even though it still hasn’t been a year, This is great progress (based on this site alone), 43% to 95%

I would like to see the AMTSO tests though

Comodo is going commando on nortan :wink:

Its interesting to see that comparison from last year to now… thanks for that Jay2007tech. Even though I believe in AMTSO compliant testing, its nice to see the progress we have made…All the credit goes to our AV guys tbh! Welldone to every single one of them!


:o nortan :o got SPANKED :o, I still don’t see how some people can continue to use nortan. It kind of reminds me of “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop” :wink: The World May Never Know

On further note, comodo hasen’t even released there Heuristics yet. (CIMA) <----something like that and the daisy bot is just getting started. I can’t wait until 4.0 :slight_smile: I also hope their working on another heuristics engine too :-La