new version?

I have just now got a notification about new updare, but, nothing is seen in the forums! I am already running 3.14…587. So, is it actually an update?

nothing here…

Would it be this one?

I had the same issue last week (2/3/10) and submitted a post. Still have not received a legitimate response…

Not sure what happened. We haven’t heard anything about an upcoming update.

That’s the version he is using. Hence his question.


Layman = male. Hence, "he’ is correct.

Sorry, I was thinking Katherine. I always think female whenever I can.

Hi Katharine,

The request seems to be not about the initial announcement you pointed to rather about the mysterious “587 to 587” update notification that donnyd talking about here and reported there

Hi, layman.

Is that what you are asking about?

Why I am asking 88) … when you clearly stated

I am [b]already running[/b] 3.14...587

Yes SiberLynx. Thats the problem. Even now CIS reports there is an update (I didn’t go ahead since nothing is seen in the forums).

My version is latest i.e. 3.14.130099.587

First I thought it could be a maintenance update of CIS AV CPU usage issue in XP. But, no announcement and hence I didn’t go ahead to see what happens.

Reason for edit - from Sibert to SiberLynx!

Let’s hope the developers will find out the bug

as for the “Sibert” …

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AFAIK CIS can sometimes offer erroneously an update if you mess up default configuration or some core files. It’s a sort of ‘quick fix’, instead of re-installation. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but they did have such mechanism some time ago.

For example, deleting trusted vendors from the default list could trigger it.

Hi, I went ahead with the update and it actually updated and restarted. The version name remains the same. (I actually updated just out of curiosity!!!)

Two days back when I inserted a USB, CIS alerted me about an autorun virus which I asked CIS to remove. After removing I tried to scan the entire USB, but I got an error message of ‘antivirus not initialized’. I ‘safely removed’ the USB and rebooted the computer. This time CIS didn’t report any problem and the USB drive was scanned and 2 more infections were removed.

So, probably the autorun may have managed to have a go at CIS before it was removed and some probable bug in CIS 3.14 may have resulted in removal of any CIS file. After updating again, CIS no more reports updates now.

The autorun was detected as - worm.w32.autorun.awkp@54958979

The viruses were

folder.tmp\tmp.exe detected as p2pworm.w32.Palevo.jyq0@82032130
folder.tmp\desktop.ini detected as worm.script.autorun.~GGA89396608

I didn’t suspect this could be the reason, as CIS showed ‘all systems are active and running’ message and my AV was also being updated.

Hi fOrTy_7,

As far as I remember donnyd pointed in another thread - that was not touched


You are correct SiberLynx, Nothing was changed or deleted. I have not had that problem with available updates since then. But something definitely triggered and update…