New version of Comodo not catching executables

I have just installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall and it is not asking for permission when programs start for the first time even when set to paranoid mode. Is it recognising the programs or is something wrong. I have renamed programs and I still get no warnings. The older versions used to warn whenever a new program started.

Welcome to the forum speedtouch. Would you mind providing some examples of programs for which you no longer receive alerts?


Thank you for your quick reply. I’m not receiving alerts for common programs like outlook,word and nero but also not for more obscure programs like the install program for ntfs4dos or IZarc. I have not received a single warning for a program startup.


You mentioned trying Paranoid mode without success, which is curious. Do you receive any alerts at all, either firewall or D+? Also do you have any entries in D+ computer security policy for the applications that have been executed?

Yes I receive alerts for everything except program startups. It also alerts me if one program tries to start another, but if I start a program I get no alerts. I have tried deleting program entries from D+ and still get no warning when I start a program myself.

You may check whether “Image execution control” slider is set to “normal” under Defense+/advanced/3rd item from top (something like “execution control settings”).

If it is set to “normal” but you still do not get those alerts, then maybe explorer.exe is set as “windows system application” under Computer security policy of Defense+.

Yes you are right, explorer.exe is set as a system application by default. Wonder if this behaviour is a good idea from a security point of view? The old version of Comodo used to asked for permission for any program that was started by explorer.

Probably those programs are form a Vendor that is in “My Trusted Software Vendors”

That seems to be a new addition too. Not sure I like the idea of trusting certificates. Is it really fool proof?

Yup its foolproof, and lets not forget the CIS Safe File Database.