New version is too conflitant


The new version of CIS ( the 7 ) is very conflitant in many PCs.

In many computers presents many bugs.

The version 5 had very stable, simple and light.

We have any hope for the future ?



This is happening mainly because the CIS removal tools that people download here in the forums are not properly updated to remove traces of CIS 7. In my tests some Viruscope remnants stay on the System after uninstall and can cause trouble. If you install V7 and then try to uninstall and return to CIS 6.3 or CIS 5.10 the computer will NOT restart nor shutdown anymore if you activate the Proactive Security Profile. Proactive Security profile enables Viruscope by default. I faced the same problem of the user in this post. Luckily for me, I was able to re-install CIS V7 more than one time without problems, using some registry cleaners and manually deleting some CIS leftover Legacy Drivers and files.

But COMODO need to develop a OFFICIAL removal tool for CIS, that completely removes ALL traces of CIS from the system. All other security companys do this. 99% of the problems people are facing with CIS V7 is caused by leftovers of older version installation.

Other important thing to notice is that the removal tools present here in the Forums can crash Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver V during the removal of COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver. I almost killed my internet connection and almost had to format my system because of this. Comodo really need to develop a official removal tool like the other vendors do.

I try install CIS 7 two or tree tentatives and I did not succeed.

Including uninstallers used and cleaned registers.

Did you follow the advice given in this post when reinstalling?

Yes, I try many recourses and have nothing success.

Many people are have problems with new version of CIS.

bad reputation

Okay, did you run the removal tool(s) in Safe Mode? If so, please specify what issues you are experiencing.


I’m not remember

It is many time

Please try reinstalling by following those directions once more. Be very careful to follow the advice exactly as stated. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

If even after following that advice once more you are still experiencing problems please let me know exactly what is not working correctly. Then we can see if there is something which can be done.


Hi Henrique - RJ,
I am sorry to hear that you have had issues, but in my personal experience I find V7 to be one of the most stable and reliable versions.
I personally think V7 has dramatically helped improve the reputation of CIS.

Do the systems you are having issues with have any common factors that you can think of?

Kind regards.