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Where can I find the latest or new version of COMODO personal firewall to download it ? Sorry for not searching thoroughly with the latest version.


If you already have a key, you can download from here

Hi gwheaton,

Thanks for the reply. I open the link that you posted, but the COMODO version is still I’m looking for the new version ( 2.3.x.xx ) or beta version. Could you please explain to me what is this beta all about ? I’m still on the learning process. Your reply will be very much appreciated.

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There is no current beta version. can be downloaded from the links provided by gwheaton. This version has massive resource reductions, some GUI changes, new features such as prevention against termination, more packet filtering options, submit feature to send files to comodo for analysis - among others.

You can see a full list here:


I do have a key, have downloaded the setup from the link below and am told I have to uninstall the older version first as the “new” install is an older version of the installer than version is/was. Nor, can I update to the newest version through the firewall updater (or the Launch Pad) as it quits at the 82% mark with message: error 108 - could not complete update process. Apparently, I have to uninstall the firewall and all my currently set permissions to get the newest version unless I get some info on what the problem is and how to install the update without first uninstalling the older version.

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You can backup your settings by exporting and importing the following registry key and subkeys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Personal Firewall


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info. I open the link and there is now a new version ( 2.3.4 ). I’m preparing to download and install it. Hoping that it will be a smooth download.




Ok, great. Let us know how you get on.


I think exporting & importing directly from the registry will run you in to access privilige problems. Or on the other hand will open up security of these registry entries.