New version CIS

When can we expect the next version of CIS i.e., v5.4. Is it around the corner?

It’s not around the corner but it is not too far away either.

Can’t wait to see it… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, take your time… :-TU

Do any of you guys know when the new version (5.4) will be released?

Only the devs know.

Even if v 5.4 is released, as I heard from EricjH, it is just a bug fix release.

None of the most requested features are implemented.

So, it will be more useful, but not interesting :embarassed:

Anyway, looking forward to the new version… :wink:

Egemen just spilled a bean about v6. The automatic sandboxing will come with virtualisation:

what’s " method 2 " that he is referring to :slight_smile: ?;msg512678#msg512678

Just click on the

in my post. That will take you to the post I took the quote from. Method 2 is described in the very post I am quoting (I left out most of it).

Will I hope it fixes some bugs in version 5.4. Plus I want the virus scanner to takr less that 2 hours to scan even though I have rootkit, and cloud scanning off.

What bugs is Version 5.4 fixing. Does anyone know were they show the release date?

When it gets released there will be a sticky topic with the change logs.