New version CIS

When go out? What’s new? What about DACS: will be built in the the programm or maybe not?

  1. Q3 2011…
  2. Improved cleaning capabilities, additional hardening, slight GUI changes, community and social integration
    3: It will be but not all features activated

Mods already have the 5.4 Version.This build is aimed for bug fixes.

What does it mean? ???

third four months of 2011

What Does Quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) Mean? A three-month period on a financial calendar that acts as a basis for the reporting of earnings and the paying of dividends. Investopedia Says Investopedia explains Quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) Quarters are important because all public companies must report their results on a quarterly basis.

You’ll hear the following abbreviations:
Q1 - January, February, and March
Q2 - April, May, and June
Q3 - July, August, and September
Q4 - October, November, December

For example, if earnings per share were $1.50 in Q1, this means earnings were $1.50 for the period of January, February and March.

I was joking, honestly only the mods would know! :-TU

this is from EricJH (a mod) in a different post

I think the translators should also receive the beta versions. Thus, we could adjust the translations of the best possible way.


makes sense to me. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a unfair advantage that the translators would get the new version first. :wink:

as unfair as the mods getting a preview if you ask me :wink:
they actually work on comodo products for public use with no pay or anything

Good news.
I like a more reliable product than a feature rich but buggy one.

Hmmmm…This giving the mods a new version before the general public usually only occurs when a complete change or a new version is about to be released, i think.Are the bug fixes so drastic and are there so many this time round that Cis needs to be tested as if it were another beta?.. i wonder. ???. Any comments guys?.


Bug fixes are made to fixes bugs not to implement features.
If there are no features implemented there will be no bugs.

Moderators are vigorous testers that’s why we get to play with it.

There are no new features introduced, it is a bug fixing only release, that’s why there will be no public beta.

Even bug fixes can produce bugs. No programming is perfect; hence the need for testing.

I hope that before the “product comes to your hands” there will be a quick QA that is why I said that probably there will be less bugs in the maintenance build.


Fixes->Fast QA for the entire software*->Build Released for Mods

*It’s in this step that the developers should check if what they fixed or implemented is ok and the suite is stable.

I Hope you understand my point. But like always software is made by humans and there will be always room for improvement.(That is what drive us)

QA=Quality Assurance

I am not familiar with Comodo QA procedures so I cannot comment on the level of QA done by Comodo QA in a bug fixed cycle

In general it is true though that bug fix releases will also get tested by mods and not by the community. For bigger releases the community gets beta builds to provide feedback.

And I think that Comodo does very well in doing a public beta for just the bigger releases.

Continue the great Job(Both Comodo developers and the Mods). :wink:

Will the built-in Help localized in the release?


As the first post, I can say I am looking forward to version 6.Hopefully the bugs fixed and new features will be added.