New users slight problems

Just found Comodo today after AVG let me know the free version was going
Two problems
The first may just be a coincidence but the main Ipswitch WS FTP programme just hangs with the message Not responding
The Upload wizard works fine so I can still upload files but I wondered if there was a known problem with WS FTP

Secondly when using Incredimail it sees the Junk Filter as a Mass Mailer so when the filter tries to send the mails it approves to the inbox Comodo tells you that a mass mail is about to be sent
Nothing huge but just a nuisance
Other than that it is working well so far :BNC

We should be seeing a Beta of CAVS 3 out very soon! Between now and the end of June! Releases tend to happen on Thursdays around here but I’ve not personally heard of an official date yet.

P.S. You can adjust the settings for CAVS 2 under the Settings Icon.