[New User] ...of Comodo Firewall: No 80 access for web browser, no proxy connect

Greetings learned experts,

I am a recovering ZASS user [XPSP3 and ZASS v8 locked in battle…]

  1. I cannot get Firefox to connect to sites via port 80. Port 443, oddly enough, works fine.

  2. I have a Squid/DansGuardian proxy on (another machine’s) port 8080, and there is no connect to the proxy (FF complains about proxy, not ultimate destination websites].

I’ve tried all I can think of, from making FF a trusted app, to modifying the “Web Browser” macro setting to include 80, everything else I could think of… and have probably hosed things up beyond recognition trying…

Do I need to whack all settings and start over? Thanks for any ideas!


Hi. if I understand correctly, you are trying to connect to the Internet via the proxy. If that is so, you will probably have to configure firefox to use the proxy settings instead of making a direct connection.

Firefox - Options/Advanced/Network/Settings

Enter the port number your proxy uses (8080?)

Probably worth removing any rules you have in Application Rules (CIS) and letteing them be recreated.

If I’ve misunderstood, please provide some additional details.


This took a while.

By default, Comodo sets Summary → Network Defense → ____ Policy Mode ->Alert Settings → “This computer is an internet connection gateway (i.e. an ICS Server)”. Unchecking this fixed the condition.

I am confused as to why these symptoms would be the result of the option being enabled, but the facts remain.

I am certain this confusion comes from a history with other firewalls, and none with Comodo.




Thanks for posting.

I hope I posted clear enough, and not in haste, what at least ceased the symptoms.

I had 443 access, but no other ports (80, 8080), even though all 3 were under the “Web Broswer” template/macro/settings applied to the browser. I’ll probably never know why configured as an ICS the FW allowed 443 only.

At least now I know! (…and still better than ZASS)