New User needs help [resolved]

Hello guys I just switched from zonealarm.

Saw great reviews about your firewall so decided on trying it.

I’m not the tech savvy kind of person and being so used to zonealarm I found Comodo a bit more complicated and needed some help on some issues.

After I had installed Comodo and first logged on to the internet I noticed something pops up that asks me if I trust this network. As far as I knew I am connected via a router and there is only one computer in the house that is used for the internet. So I chose the other option (can’t remember what it said). Now I’m wondering if this probably lowered my security or something? If this was a wrong move on my part how can I get that choice back?

I really am too used to zonealarm simply asking me about which programs have access to connect and that’s it but with the defense+ option on Comodo I’m rather stomped on what the hell I am doing.

In the stealth port wizard I simply chose the last option about stealthing all ports.

Here are some other things I need to be reassured of:

  • I set the firewall security level to safe mode (is that safe enough?)

  • I set the Defense+ Security level to safe mode as well but I also saw a paranoid mode option (note that I am not all too knowing about many computer stuff so would you recommend me to use the paranoid mode?)

  • Comodo asked me for permission for the following c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe but since I have no clue what that files does I blocked it (must it be blocked or should I allow it?)

Well thanks for whatever help you can give.

Hey Lostcuase, Welcome to the forums (:HUG)

Yep, You should be accescible to the network that poped-up :slight_smile: :-TU
Defense+ Is a Host Intrustion prevention system. In english… That means that it applies a default deny rule across everything on the system. (This prevents 0 day malware threats!) If your get comfortable with D+ You don’t even need an AV. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, You ticked the right boxes in “Stealth ports Wizard” :-TU
Firewall = Safe mode. Is good! I use that mode :-TU
Defense+ = Safemode. Is also good, I use that too. :-TU

You did the right thing blocking it, Now you can google to see if it’s good or not :slight_smile:
As far as I know, Userinit.exe is usually a safe application, If you want a second opinion on this file you can submit the file to

You may be interested in this;

I hope this helps, And please post ANY more questions you have. Happy new year!

Thank you for the reply Kyle and your reply has been reassuring. I shall now take the time to view those links you have highlighted.


I just went through your topics that you highlighted and noticed in the firewall behavior alerts setting there is a box marked This Computer is an Internet Gateway (ie. ICS server). What does that mean? My box was already ticked when I saw it but in your example it is not ticked. I am not sure what this internet gateway thing means?

I think that means that an “internet gateway” is when other computers on your network are connecting to the internet through your PC.

If there are no other computers on your network, you probably can un-check the box.

Yep Jeremy your right :-TU

OK guys I completely understand now. Thank you very much for the helpful advice.

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