new user - easy way to setup specific rules for applications?

I’ve been using Outpost firewall for a while and just downloaded/installed version I placed the software in “custom policy mode” and would like to know what the best method is to have the firewall alert me to an incoming/outgoing attempt AND allow me to create a rule for that specific type of traffic on a given port.

I don’t think I like the “training mode” because it defaults allows the connections and I have to review the rules and edit them to my liking AFTERWARDS if I understand it correctly.

I’m accustomed to the way Outpost does it. It asks you if a given app can access a given port/direction and protocol.

I can’t seem to get Comodo do to this. Currently it seems new apps can either be allowed to:

Allow (trusted app)
or allow me to apply a predefined policy to the app.

Can I have the firewall tell me, “RDP is attempting to connect on port 3389 to IP addy a.b.c.d”
Click here to add a rule for outgoing TCP on 3389 to IP a.b.c.d.

Does that make sense?

Change your Alert Frequency Level to a higher setting.

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But when we realize how many people are more experienced and software isnt an indication of our knowledge.