New user! Configuration and alerts

Hi, all!
Please help me! Im getting hundreds of alerts for the same application, always ‘components’… Im making sure Comodo ‘remembers’ my actions, so im not getting duplicates. The problem is, how do i know what components to allow? I tried the leak test, and i got an alert, so naturally i denied access. But what if this was a real threat? I wouldnt have known! There seems to me hundreds. Iv set the alert frequecy to Low but it seems to be happening still.

And its always says Initializing in the system tray, and the taskbar freezes for ages on startup…

Apart from that, its seems brilliant!


Hi and welcome to the forum! First I would suspect you do have something nasty on your pc to begin with if all this is happening. It would help greatly to post a copy of the CPF logs as well use Hijack this to run a scan and post it as well.


AdrianB, Welcome to COMODO forums

This unfortunately is a major stumbling block of most Firewalls as well as most HIPS… How do I correctly answer the pop up?.. Bottom line is that if you think ( I realize if you were positive about the correct answer you would not have asked ) you should deny it; you should just block it! This is the best way. When in doubt; just say no. Block it.

COMODO is developing into just that solution… “USER is not quit sure; No worries COMODO Knows.” It is not there yet but it gives Strong Protection to the User.

This may sound like double-talk to you, so hopefully someone will jump in and give a more accurate response.

I see someone has; comicfan2000 is one of the best so take notice of his suggestions.

Thanks munckman, but hardly the best, lol. I rank between stale bread and sour milk somewhere. :wink:
I would like to note as well, I wouldn’t think too bad about these popups but with the freezing and the amount you suggest is more than a typical user should experience. I wanted to throw this in too, please give the OS you are running, Ram and HD if possible in case other issues arise which I feel they may. What your cpu usage is would be helpful as well.



The number of popups does seem excessive. Perhaps it is less? That would make us all feel better. I understand the constant bombardments when setting up a new firewall. Hopefully it is nothing more than that.

If you can, try and capture some of the popups. If they are something other than OLE, they could be very beneficial. OLE is actually beneficial also. All popups that you can share the contents of will help.


All I know is that “sour milk” is Never going to see the inside of my cup. I’ll put just about anything in there once but That ain’t never happening. Stale bread sounds good as long as there is a little butter involved. That way I can call it Coffee Bread. By the way, I never said you were the best… Just one of them.

Hi, and thankyou for your responses.
I have since seen that Component Monitor was set to ‘On’ rather than ‘Learn Mode’. Putting it back to learn has made a huge difference. But, looking in Comodo Help, i cant work out the difference between Off and Learning ! Probably the way im reading it…

Also, how does Comodo rank with other ‘big brand’ firewalls?

Thanks again

By the way, I never said you were the best... Just one of them.

Yes, I knew what you meant, just my wording once again, “I am hardly even one of the best” that’s better. You will see me do that a lot. I have learned to type faster than my brain funtions :smiley:

Thanks nonetheless


By the way, my spec is

1Gb PC5300 (667Mhz) RAM
GeForce 7600GT graphics
Dual Core Pentium D 3Ghz
250Gb SATA drive

The PC seems to be running fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Apart from when it starts up the Taskbar freezes for a minute or so and the comodo tooltip always says initializing.


Here’s (hopefully) a concise answer to ur question, based on my understanding (Off vs Learning) ~

Off: Doesn’t monitor component activity = no alerts
Learning: Monitors, alerts (each new unknown event) and applies your responses - these will go into effect when you turn it On
On: The rules you’ve created are now On - if you don’t have any rules set, you get a lot of chaos

Inasfar as CPF’s ranking, well the more that folks find out about, the higher the ranking’s growing. Every time a PC mag/website reviews it, they pretty much admit it rocks! It’s gaining in popularity, due in part to all the users here, as they promote to associates and friends, link to the website, post user reviews on various sites, etc. Comodo’s open to user suggestions on how to spread the word, and actively seeks our help.

Hope that helps…


PS: I don’t know if you’ve seen 'em, but if ur interested, here’s a great explanation of network control rules that could be very helpful:,2292.0.html