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I recently switched to Comodo from Zone Alarm because I did not like the way that the ZA people kept taking features out of the free version that I used to force me to buy the paid version. So far I am liking it, however I do have two issues with it.

  1. Even though I say an application is trusted and to remember my selection, I keep getting asked if I want to allow the application to access the internet (Opera browser). Also, for an application that I do not trust, and want to ask every time, it defaults to having the check box to remember the setting so I have to keep unchecking it (IE Browser).
  2. For components, there are a lot of them and all of them are checked as allowed, but there is no description of what they do are why they are allowed. I had to go and disable all the WU files after the articles about MS forcibly upgrading components on XP and Vista without user approval even when automatic updates are turned off.

My concerns are that MS does not play nicely with other applications and even older versions of their own applications. I therefore like to test each and every update to my pc before allowing it. That is also why I do not use IE unless no other browser will work. I want all internet activity to be disabled unless I specifically allow it or in response to my queries through the browser, ftp etc. The only applications that I allow are my virus scanner updates (Mcafee provided by my office), spyware (spybot), and mail applications. No other application outside my trusted zone should be able to access the internet or the pc without prompting me.

I am a new user, having just downloaded and installed it on my XP SP2 pc about 1 week ago, and just came to the forums today so I have not had time to look through them. Maybe my answer will be here somplace, but I did want to say that Comodo so far appears to be working quite well, and I will switch all my pc’s to it and recommend it to others as well.

Hi nnigam, welcome to the Comodo Forum.

You might like to have a read through the FAQ section for the firewall - it has answers on many topics that might be useful to a new user of CFP: