New user CIS V3.5

I’m a new user looking for advice or somewhere to find examples of secure options. I found a post and tweaked the defense overall parameters to give better security but on the defense warning no idea what to do none of the options seems appropriate. All it gives me is installer updater, windows system application or isolated application. Most are library files which are none of these so I just click the allow request.

The only place I can access the applications seems to be under network security application rules or computer security policy - as far as I can see putting most applications on limited application setting seems the best except for updaters etc. Is there any where I can find examples of recommended suitable secure policies for typical processes such iexplorer etc. I have used outpost firewall before and now use KIS for my main computer but that not hands on at all any more,


Hi gray123

Welcome to the Comodo forum

In my application rules I have them all ‘custom’ except IE and Firefox which I have as ‘Web browser’ .

In Defense+ I let it create custom policy rules except for any updaters I make them ‘installer or updater’.

I have My firewall in Custom Policy mode and Defense+ in CleanPC Mode. If you wand a few more popups then you can use ‘Proactive security’ configuration but ‘internet security’ configuration will work just fine. You can find the config. settings in miscellaneous - manage my configurations. You can edit your rules in network security policy and computer security policy.

Hope this has helped you. If you have any more questions please ask.