New update won't install

Every day I keep getting a pop up that there’s an update for CSE, and every time I try to install it, no matter if I try to save the file or run it, nothing happens… then the next day it says the update is available again. It’s been happening for a few days now. The file is 4.32 MB.

Hi, lucid717

Can you tell me, please what version of Comodo Secure Email (CSE) do you have installed? (Run SecureEmail Configuration and click About button)?

CSE is checking if version on server if newer than installed and prompt to user about new version found.
So, if you still have old version ( for example) it would ask you every day until installation of newer version.
You downloaded this new version and tried to run it and Setup Wizard wasn’t shown?
Actually - It seems to me that You have a problem with newer version.
Can you try to download it again - to be sure that it was downloaded successfully?

Can you tell me, please, Your PC configuration to analize your issue:

  1. Windows OS installed
  2. Service Pack installed if any for this OS
  3. Any Antivirus software installed

Thanks for using Comodo :slight_smile:

Regards, Eugene

It was version 1.1.7. I’m gathering that it downloaded fine, it just wouldn’t install. Anyway I remedied the situation the 'ol reliable way by uninstalling the old version and doing a clean install of the new.

I’ll give my PC configuration anyway in case it can help troubleshoot the problem for somebody else:

XP Pro SP3
Comodo Firewall 3
Comodo Safe Surf
Avast Pro 4 AV

Hi, lucid717

I’m really happy that you CSE is working OK for you now. :slight_smile:

We are reviewing your problem with your software installed and we are really appreciating your input in troubleshooting this problem! :slight_smile:

Regards, Eugene