New Update Soon?

I hope that a new update would soon be released for CD which would re-enable changing of themes. Is this going to happen?


I hope so!

No need to rush it.
My only complaint is that if the layout does not have Aero, I do not like it.

I understand for Windows XP, but not for Vista or 7.

Disagree. I think there is a need to rush it.

It is best that you go and use Chrome, you seem to eager too get what you want fast and you think developers are here to work at your wim, or should work at the speed you believe is right.

The idea is that you use what you have and wait for an update from the Dragon team, when possible.

You either need to use Chrome or make your browser to keep up.

Megamanx. Please calm down. The fact that somebody wants this to sped up does not mean he is a spoiled brag.

Actually, I am merely making a suggestion.

If he expects Dragon to be up-to-date with Chrome, he needs to make a browser himself to understand why updates take time to implement. Also, rushing can break strings and code.

Besides, some of those security updates do not harm users much, no need to get paranoid about it.

“He” is a “she.” I am not the only one disconcerted by the theme not being able to be changed. A squeaky wheel always gets the proverbial grease you know.

Sorry for assuming you would be male. Most of the users here are and apparently I didn’t look at your avatar when posting.

In general the release speed of Dragon is at a good pace which makes me confident it will not take ages to get themes activated again. Other than that I cannot comment on when it will be there.

Stay tuned…

Edit: I just saw this post by Melih about when to expect themes to return: